• Alternative to traditional fully-insured plans

  • Same benefits and coverages available

  • Works with most group sizes

  • Money is collected in a claim liability fund, rather than a pool,  with specific and aggregate protection.



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What is a fully-funded ERISA plan?


Fully-Funded ERISA Plans

The ACA works on four basic principles that increase rates:

  • Unisex rating - men and women are charged the same rates​.
  • 3:1 age banding - changed from the traditional 5.6:1.  
    • Younger (typically under 50 year olds in our system) applicants would be penalized.
  • Guaranteed issue - under the ACA fully insured providers must take all.
  • Community rates - fully insured plans offer age rating to all customers without health consideration.​ Fully-funded ERISA plans offer a legal way to provide the best benefits for employees as individuals with composite ratings.

Fully-funded ERISA plans avoid many of the negative impacts of the ACA while still complying with the law.

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